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Optimize agent wellbeing for more efficient production

All of our suction tables have been designed to improve working conditions at operators' positions and meet European standards for occupational TMS*.

* MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) include conditions affecting muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, and nerves.

Our goal:

  • Limit workers' musculoskeletal disorders in the long term by providing a safer and healthier workplace, considering the technical and economic constraints of companies.
  • Prevent occupational risks (respiratory disorders, cancers, allergies) related to exposure to dust, smoke and solvents as indicated by CARSAT and INRS.

Our position as a manufacturer allows us to offer equipment adapted to the activities carried out and the physical characteristics of the agents while remaining in a range of standard products.


General characteristics of the tables 

Adaptation to body dimensions

  • Suitable for people of small, large size or with reduced mobility (1 m 20 to 2 m 20)
  • Working while sitting or standing
  • Different widths available

The UP & down table: allows to adjust the worktop to the desired height effortlessly thanks to the electric cylinders.

For example, it is possible to place the container of a pallet truck directly therein and then handle it more easily. 


Movement Zones

Each suction table allows the operator to:

  • To perform movements of the head, arms and bust as he wishes and with ease.
  • Operate the control knobs effortlessly. 

Note: on the TC700 the position of the controls has changed, it is now located on the front of the table.


Lighting for each machine

  • Main lighting with LEDs. 
  • Optional: lighting on a modular articulated arm.


Ease of maintenance / access to filters by the operator himself

  • Maintenance meets safety standards.
  • The filters are easily interchangeable and accessible.


Low noise level

The sound level does not exceed 70 dB, and it can be further reduced.

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