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How to carry out the maintenance of your suction table? Maintain the performance of your suction table by ensuring the maintenance and preventive maintenance of your workstation.

Safety instructions

The maintenance and replacement of wear parts must be carried out by personnel with the required skills to carry them out (training).

Any maintenance or cleaning work requiring access to the inside of the table must be done without power.

Reminder: electrical interventions must be carried out by an authorised person. 

The wearing of PPE must be adapted to the operations to be carried out.


Staff training

Article R. 4227-49 of the Labour Code: maintenance personnel or operators working in ATEX zones must be trained in explosion protection.

Articles 5 and 6 of the decree of 8 July 2003: qualification obligation for personnel installing equipment in ATEX zone.

For all interventions on the suction table in the ATEX zone, see the internal ATEX zoning plan provided in the means manual.


The three preferred means of handling to move our suction tables are:

  • Pallet truck
  • Forklift truck
  • The casters if the table is equipped with them

These means must be equipped with forks at least as long as the depth of the table.

For any handling, it is recommended to take care to carry out the gripping by the front of the suction table and to control the speed of movement in order to avoid any imbalance of the means. 

The person gripping the product is responsible for selecting a suitable and sized lifting means for the weight of the system.

For any transport of your equipment by truck, we recommend that you equip the table with its stability improvement accessories (Transport ramp).


Regularly clean the exterior and interior assembly in order to avoid an accumulation of combustible dust, particularly in the corners (hopper, work surface, etc.). 

Carry out the periodic inspection when the control console screen indicates it.

Change the absolute filter (if equipped) when the indicator on the control panel indicates saturation (blue indicator light). 

Check the clogging of the incandescent particle filters (metallic knitted fabric and spark arrestor) and clean or change the filters (if equipped, when necessary).

Check the electrical control box assembly

  • Grounding measurements
  • Checking the continuity of earth conductors
  • Verification of protective devices (differential)
  • Verification of cut-off powers of protective devices
  • Tightening control
  • Dust Removal 

Note: Instead of tightening checks, we strongly recommend a complete thermal camera diagnosis of connection heating. The main cause of fire risk is the failure of the connections.

For cartridge tables, check the proper operation of unclogging in manual and automatic mode (differential pressure switch) considering the following elements: 

  • the indicator light (flashing) 
  • buzzer
  • compressed air noise (unclogging) 

In the event of a persistent problem, contact STIVENT INDUSTRIE

If you have a cartridge table, regularly check the filling status of the dust collection system and empty it if necessary.

Warning: do not wait until it is at its maximum capacity.

Drain the safety tank regularly.

Observe the tank usage checks (see instructions for use provided with the machine).

controles aerauliquesReminder of mandatory aeraulic checks

To comply with the regulations concerning suction equipment at the workstation, the general operation of the suction table and the suction airspeeds must be checked 

  • Twice a year, in the case of an internal refoulement
  • Once a year, in the case of an external return

Spare parts & Consumables

Dust present at the workstation may pose a risk to the health of workers. For effective dust and particle extraction, it is necessary to continually change the consumables:

  • Filter cartridge 
  • Absolute filter H13 or H14
  • Activated carbon filter
  • 2-layer cardboard filter (cardboard +fibre)
  • Opacimetric filter F7
  • Slatted 
  • Spark arrestor

Note: the quality levels of the filters

  • 2-layer cardboard filters (cardboard + fibre) ESII have a retention capacity of 6 to 8 kg/m2 with an efficiency of 1.8 mg/m3
  • Class G4 filters have a capacity of 90% to 10 µm
  • The class F7 filters have a capacity of 90% to 0.7 µm
  • The H13 class filters have a capacity of 99.95% at 0.2 µm
  • Class H14 filters have a capacity of 99.995% to 0.2 µm

Maintenance and management of downdraft tables



Would you like new spare parts or consumables for your machine? 

Send us your request by specifying the name and references of the consumables desired as well as the serial number of the machine concerned.

Your quote will then be sent to you by email.


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