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Air quality

Outdoor discharge and reintroduction of air

The regulations and the Labour Code recommend discharging air outdoors in order to avoid any risk to the health of operators.

The extracted and filtered air must be discharged in compliance with environmental constraints. To compensate for the exhaust air, it is necessary to reintroduce quality air into the premises.


Cannot release outside air

The discharge of air to the outside may sometimes prove impossible to set up according to: 

  • the location of your production lines, 
  • the need for flexibility in your workstations, 
  • air renewal, 
  • heating or air conditioning.


But solutions do exist to remedy it. 

Thanks to the evolution and innovation of filters, it is now possible to reject air in the workshops, under certain conditions. 

Indeed, the arrival on the market of "absolute" filters of type H13 or H14 makes it possible to stop respectively 99.95 and 99.995% of dust up to 0.3 μm.

With regard to solvent vapours, we recommend discharging air outdoors. If this is not possible, the activated carbon filters will allow purified air to be discharged into the workshop. In fact, activated carbons are adapted to trap odours and vapours of chemicals, while reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere.

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