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Spotlight on…

The Improved TC 700


The TC 700 downdraft table has been improved. The controls which were previously located on a mobile unit have been moved to the front of the table. This has been done to improve ergonomics.


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International Development

Stivent Industrie installs equipment throughout the globe. Our international distribution network means we have particularly good coverage in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Smoke & fumes

Your activities and work operations generate a large amount of smoke and toxic fumes, which can damage the health of individual workers. With our range of smoke and fume extraction tables, the problem will soon be long gone. In next to no time, our machines will be vacuuming out every trace of smoke and fumes around your workstations.


    • Welding /Soldering / Brazing


For these types of applications we recommend:


  • Dye penetrant testing :


Procedure for detecting surface defects in non-porous materials. After manufacture, used mainly to detect shrinkage, porosity and cracking. In operation, to detect fatigue cracking.


For these types of applications we recommend: