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Spotlight on…

The Improved TC 700


The TC 700 downdraft table has been improved. The controls which were previously located on a mobile unit have been moved to the front of the table. This has been done to improve ergonomics.


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International Development

Stivent Industrie installs equipment throughout the globe. Our international distribution network means we have particularly good coverage in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.



All our downdraft tables are designed to improve working conditions at the operator workstation and meet all European standards in regard to occupation-related musculo-skeletal* problems.


* Musculo skeletal problems cover problems which affect the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves.


Optimise employee well-being for increased production


Our aim is to reduce long-term musculo-skeletal problems by providing a safer and more healthy workstation which is still compatible with company budgets and technical constraints.


Our position as a manufacturer means we can provide equipment that is specially designed for the physical parameters of your workers and the type of work they do, but all part of a standard product range.

General Table Characteristics

Adapts to different body sizes

  • Suitable for small, tall or reduced mobility workers (1.20 m to 2.20 m / 4 ft to 7 ft).
  • Seated or standing working position.
  • Different widths available.


Table UD: the height of the working surface can be adjusted effortlessly on its electric actuators.

For instance, the contents of a palette truck can be put onto it directly so it can then be handled more easily.


Movement Areas

Every downdraft table enables the operator:


  • To move his head, arms and trunk as he wants, freely and easily.
  • To operate the control buttons effortlessly. NB: on the TC700 the position of the controls has changed and is now on the front of the table.


Lighting for each machine

  • LED main lighting. Option: light mounted on modular articulated arm.


Ease of Maintenance / Operator access to filters

  • Maintenance procedures meet safety standards. Filters are easy to access and are interchangeable.


Quiet Operation

  • Sound pressure level does not exceed 70 dB, which can be reduced even further.